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Glofang.com is a Chinese language overseas real estate website,the website aims to create a service platform for overseas real estate developers and agents to sell overseas real estate to Chinese.

  What we do?

Providing overseas housing information and the latest overseas investment news for Chinese overseas real estate investors.

 Why choose us?

Hundreds of thousands Chinese potential investors visit glofang.com every month, we can provide precise marketing services for overseas real estate enterprises.

 Why effective?

Potential customers can contact you through you contact way on glofang.com, and they can also communicate with you through the online message system.

Our advertising products

Overseas real estate enterprises can push you project information to Chinese potential investors through the following four forms, perhaps one or more of the following ways will be suitable for your business expansion in China.

List on glofang.com

Posting your housing information on glofang.com. Chinese users will find your project through glofang.com, potential customers can contact you directly.


You can advertise on glofang.com, the users will reach your network information page for your project and business through glofang.com.

Email marketing

We will make an email page for you, send it to all the users of glofang.com and the registered customers through our mail system.

Media services

We can help overseas real estate enterprise to publish an article on China's famous media, including project description, activities recommendation and so on.

The channels of glofang.com

List of real estate information
Agent list
Developer Channel
Luxury Property

Overseas real estate exhibition

October 10, 2015/Guangzhou

2015 China(GZ) Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition

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March 5, 2016/Shanghai

11th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition

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November 13, 2015/Guangzhou

2015 Guangzhou International Quality Lifestyle & Property Expo

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July 3, 2015/Beijing

11th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition

Read More

How do you Reach investors?

Telephone consultation

Potential Investor contact you by telephone.

Mail contact

For those not convenient to contact you by telephone. They can contact you by email.

Online message system:

User can also leave their contact way and the consult message through the system. And you can contact them by these message.

Customers Recommendation from glofang.com

Those who consult glofang.com about the investment will be refer to our suitable member, and our member will deal with them.

Contact Us

Glofang Office
Tianhe Road No. 102,
Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China

Phone:(+86) 020-62277229 Email:[email protected]

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